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Machine 1

Machine 2

I’ve been using the small straight stitch industrial sewing machine since Sarah was three months old. It is a fabulous machine with one exception. It is missing the one tool that every serious quilter uses- a walking foot.

A walking foot is a special presser foot that lifts itself in a certain way so that the machine can more easily handle thickness without shifting the fabric. This is especially important for machine quilting- to keep the three layers in tact as they are being quilted.

Last year, through an odd set of circumstances, I acquired a second industrial machine. When my fearless sewing machine mechanic, Herbert, came to work on it, he gave me the great news: the new machine is indeed the machine of my dreams complete with a walking foot.

I love you, Consew. I need you. I don’t know how I ever lived without you. Promise me you will stay by my side always, that you will never disappoint me, and that you will be fearless as we endeavor to do the work.

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