The Body Is Enlightnment

Journey with a Step

The Idea of self-improvement has reached a fevered pitch in our culture. But self-improvement is not the panacea for every ill. Some things can only be achieved by letting go of self-improvement and opening to the culture of the imperfect.

Most of us are finely attuned to the imperfections of our bodies, how they fall short of our ideal in some way. But consider the concept of soma as enunciated by such teachers as Dogen Zenji and Thomas Hanna. Soma is the body from the inside. Not our mental picture of it -which comes from our ability to use our intelligent to compare one thing (our body) with something else (everyone else’s body) -but the body from completely inside. When we are completely inside our own body, whether in meditation or walking around, a wonderful thing happens: We become the meaning of the universe, the meaning of life we have always been searching for. The body is enlightenment, and even in its imperfect, disappearing nature, it is all of life.

Jason Shulman; The Instruction Manual For Receiving God; page 110

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