Luscious Brownies




With the cooperation of last weekend’s weather, I had an easy trip out to New Jersey to visit my granddaughter’s brownie troop. I had agreed to do an introductory sewing experience for them and created a sewing bag for each Brownie that contained fabric scissors, needles, pins, pearl cotton, thread, a fabric pencil, a button box, a 3” ring with plastic spools and a partially constructed needle case. Their assignment was to organize their supplies, learn how to fill a plastic spool with pearl cotton, thread a needle, and use a running stitch to attach a page to their needle book. It was great success and lots of fun.

Over the weekend we did more sewing in between rigorous cookie sales. While you are sewing, I recommend a snack of Lemonade Cookies. They are luscious!

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  1. Jim Sheridan says:

    Hmmm….maybe .I should have ordered lemonade cookies instead of cranberry cookies.
    Truth is, I’m delighted to help my favorite Brownie, Maya, reach her cookie sales goal and to contribute some sweet treats to our women and men military volunteers who keep us safe.

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