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Sarah in Stop The Tempo

Come see the Pittsburgh premiere of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize winner for drama: The Flick by Annie Baker in which our own Sarah Silk plays Rose.

The Flick takes place in a run-down 1-screen movie theater in Worcester Massachusetts. The characters are Sam, Avery, & Rose – the employees of “The Flick.” Watch them navigate work & relationships in Annie Baker’s unique & true-to-life style.

What’s remarkable about The Flick is how much of the outside world it’s able to evoke from its precarious womb of drab overhead light and cinematic dark, a socioeconomic landscape of low wages, low expectations, and dim prospects even for those lucky enough to have a college diploma. It’s a post-industrial, fading empire America where upward mobility has leveled out into sideways making-do and workers are reduced to serfs who can get tossed at a moment’s notice and spend much of their post-adolescent living with their parents—Avery lives with his dad—and bumming rides home. Race, class, analogue vs. digital, voluble vs. recessive, mom and pop shops succumbing to chain operations, the infiltration of movie and TV poses into everyday life, making even sincere expressions of feeling seem tinny, suspect—it’s all here, lightly scribbled into the characters’ byplay and inked into their eventual conflicts. James Wolcott for Vanity Fair

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