God Cannot Be Known Secondhand

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In Kabbalah, there is something called knowledge and something else called wisdom. What is the difference between the two? Knowledge, which is an important and great thing, can be taught and learned. Wisdom, on the other hand, can be neither taught or learned. It cannot be taught because wisdom is the culmination of experience, and experience is internal and personal. Being internal, it has a different texture and tone from things we learn from the outside. It cannot be learned, because wisdom is never a habit and can never be duplicated. It is always fresh, alive, edgy with the friction between morality and eternity. Hurry up yells wisdom. And when it has your attention, it says, Be still. We could also say: God comes from the heart and not from a book. You must think God up for yourself.
Jason Shulman; The Instruction Manual For Receiving God; page 105

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