The Flick: A Review



I’ve seen it twice and have plans to go once more, so it is from actual experience that I can verify the worth of sitting through a three plus hour performance of the Flick at the Rep of Point Park University. The City Paper review of The Flick and Burgh Vivant on The Flick agree.

Set in one of the last movie houses in Mass that still runs giant film reels on a 35-millimeter projector, three employees experience the doom of becoming extinct. Sam (John Steffenauer) is the hulky, unflinchingly honest 35-year-old head usher desperately in love with the unattainable projectionist, Rose (Sarah Silk) a green-haired vixen with deadpan sex appeal. When Rose comes down from the overhead projectionist booth into the theater to play, she humiliates Sam by making a beeline for the new usher, an insecure quivering bundle of neuroses college kid named Avery (Saladin White II).

Annie Baker’s funny Pulitzer Prize Drama, a character driven story about the digital world pounding at our door, proves that real lives are never trivial. Here is a look behind the scenes with the cast and the director, Robert Miller.

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