States Of Undress


Initially I thought fashion might prove limiting in terms of subject matter, but what I found is that we were able to explore all avenues that we were interested in just through this lens. Hailey Gates.

I became aware of a new television station because it has a show produced by Gloria Steinem called Women. The notice of Gloria’s show brought my attention to another show on Viceland called States of Undress.

Watching States of Undress, we follow a young, stylish investigative reporter, Hailey Gates, to Pakistan, Venezuela, Russia, Palestine, China and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where she uncovers not only the standards of beauty, fashion and style but also many important political/social, gender and identity trends. In Pakistan, it’s the wives burned with acid by jealous husbands. In Russia, it’s the idealized need to have and stand behind a man. In Venezuela, it’s the standard of an impossible to achieve idealized beauty.

Go for it. It’s TV binge watching at its best!

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