The First Day Of Summer

Summer-Solstice Blessing

This year, the June Solstice, the precise time when the sun attains its northernmost position in our sky, arrives tonight at 6:34 p.m. In addition this year, the June Strawberry Moon will be rising in the east just after the sun sets in the west, flooding our surroundings with lunar light throughout the overnight period.

Solstice comes from the Latin words sol, meaning Sun and sistere, meaning to come to a stop or stand still. On the day of the June Solstice, the Sun reaches its northernmost position, as seen from the Earth. At that moment, its zenith does not move north or south as during most other days of the year, but it stands still at the Tropic of Cancer.

June’s full moon is called the Strawberry Moon as named by Native Americans because the short season during which strawberries can be harvested happens in June.

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