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SummerQuiltfor Bubbe

Getting ready for a vacation creates lots of work- laundry, packing, bill paying, creating itineraries, finishing outstanding commissions, record keeping, sorting out volunteer responsibilities, helping friends and family with projects- plenty to do so I can walk out the door and feel whole- but miten drinen I found myself at the Salvation Army compelled to make myself a summer bed quilt after discovering the perfect backing – an old cotton sheet and a fabulous selection of men’s big and tall shirts in blues.

In the old days we used to make fun of this woman Eleanor Burns who created the idea of a Quilt-In-A-Day. No self-respecting quilter would admit to any kind of quality product that only takes a day to make. Enter Louise Silk- quilter extraordinaire and meshuggener – Saturday night I deconstructed all of the shirts and Sunday a cut and pieced the best-ever summer quilt for our bed. Only one problem- I won’t be sleeping under it until I return from France. Things could be worse! Bon voyage!!

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