Smell The Lavender




If you have any desire to see the essence of beauty, take a trip to Paris and Provence.
If you want to see lavender and sunflowers in full bloom –July is the right month. Paris is beautiful any time of the year.

We were fortunate to run into a guy from Harrisburg while touring the L’OCCITANE factory who let us in on a secret: the best lavender fields are actually not in Provence but to the east in the Valensole plateau. Absolutely- go out of your way to see it- magnificent!

In this day and age, it’s easy to share pictures so that others may enjoy your travels. Look at my facebook page and also Steve’s and you will see lots of great photos for inspiration.

Some tips:
Check out the non-stops from Pittsburgh to Paris-It couldn’t be easier!
Once you find your flight, sign up for frequent flyers on that airline. It adds 4000 miles credit for your next trip.
In Provence, try Bed and Breakfast Farmhouses- they are a little removed- but quiet, very economical and lovely settings.
Download travel guides to your phone from the library. They are totally accessible without cell connections or wi-fi and add a world of information to the trip.
Don’t stop and eat at the first place you see. Allow time to meander and see what lies around the corner.
Free wi-fi along the way makes it easy to communicate home without additional phone charges.
Email me anytime for more tips and suggestions!

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