A Tisha b’Av Dream


Being the Ninth of Av I am struck by the contents of my dream last night and compelled to share it.

I dreamt I was teaching young students in the Yeshiva Girl’s School. (Did you know that the school is named for my grandparents, Sarah and Hymen Shapiro?) We were in a classroom with a large picture window were we could look out and see Forbes and the buildings on the other side of the street.

Across the street was the ZOA Building (now replaced with the Mikva) but the facade was missing. Inside on both floors we could see individual orthodox men facing Forbes and praying (I wonder if that is facing East?). The building began to crumb and parts of it started to fall onto the street but the men kept praying uninterrupted or deterred by their impending danger.

I decided I could do nothing to help the men and decided to move the children I was working with into another area in the back of the building where they would not see the destruction of the building. Then I woke up.

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