The People Of Forever Are Not Afraid


I don’t focus on that too much because I really don’t see that there is a solution. I was born during the first week of the first Intifada, so nothing has ever been quiet or normal for me. I don’t believe there will be a solution in my lifetime; I can’t even imagine how one would look. Shani Boianjiu

In “The People of Forever Are Not Afraid,” Shani Boianjiu gives us an insider’s look at the lives of ordinary 18-year-old female Israelis as they graduate from their small high school in a dusty development town on the northern border and join the Israeli Defense Forces. They are not the ideology-driven female soldiers of early Zionist lore but rather a more melancholy brand, going to serve because they must and hoping to make it through unscathed.

Boianjiu’s view is a open and uncensored opportunity to feel the dissonance between the fear-soaked tedium of compulsory military army life and the self-centered lens of girls transitioning to womanhood. Well done and besides what a great title for a book!

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