Quilt National 2017

My 2011 QN Entry

My 2011 QN Entry

I spend long days and nights absorbed in creative efforts. For each new project my jubilantly hopeful heart and mind identify significant ideas in need of expression and my hands enthusiastically dig into my multitude of resources. There is nothing like the action of creation.

Creativity is one thing. Becoming a master is another. It takes tremendous discipline, training, and effort. More times than not, the fruits of labor go unrecognized. It’s tough to be competitive and rejections abound.

The major competition for contemporary Quilt Makers happens every other year in Athens, Ohio. I’ve entered many times and have been privileged to be included in a few. The secret for acceptance is to show the jurors something totally unique that they have never seen before. It’s not easy. The last time I was accepted was in 2011. In 2013, I was rejected. I didn’t even enter in 2015.

And so with the results of 2017 announced yesterday, I am excited to report one of my entries (each artist can submit up to three works) Raisel’s Mantle included in Quilt National 2017.

Some time this summer make your way to Athens, Ohio to survey the best creative juices in the world of Quilt Making including my very own original Raisel’s Mantle.

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  1. Kathryn Larsen says:

    Sounds like a road trip to me!! Congratulations my dear friend…and some great news during these dark days..ox Kathryn

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m in for the road trip! Congrats!

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