Another Quilt With Meaning And Memory


When I was with my son and his family last week, he reluctantly surrendered his favorite quilt to me. It was faded, worn on the edges and fraying at the seams. He explained why it was his favorite- used on their bed every year as a summer quilt.

I was initially stymied. I had tried to replace this quilt in 2012: You can read the story about it here; but here he was still clinging to the very same badly worn quilt.

My first thought was to actually make it again exactly as he loved it, but that would take hunting out fabrics I don’t have in my possession. As I thought it over and looked through my pinterest board, I began to formulate a modern take on his favorite classic. I will use an assortment of all of my leftover Alexander Henry fabrics. I will intersperse them with crème fabrics that I have been saving for just such a purpose for a long time: a top I used when I was doing talks about my book; a skirt I bought from a designer in Victoria; my mother’s old tablecloths; my favorite raw silk yardage; a CP Shades garment; a printed muslin leftover from my retail days……

I love my work.

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