Like A Fish In Water


In true nonduality, we understand that a fish never leaves the water. The fish never comes to the end of the water, even if it is an explorer fish, swimming this way and that. It never comes to the end of the ocean because its nature is to be in the water. The fish and the water are one. As long as we think,”Here I am whole, and there I am not,” we think there is an end to the ocean itself. But Truly, there is no end to the ocean.

When we have problems, we imagine a different sort of life where there are no problems and then attempt to get there. Sometimes that works for awhile and can even be beneficial, but as a path to true change, it is doomed to failure. There is no life but this one. There are not two lives, one better than the other. True change begins with a relationship with what is actually present in the Now.

Try this: Say to yourself, There is no life but this one. This doesn’t mean that things will remain the same; the nature of life is that things will continue to transform. Nor does it mean you will eternally be caught in the position you find yourself in now. But the subtle acceptance that there is no other life will help you control the unreal, questing mind that is always looking for the end of this world and the start of another. It’s as if a bird kept flying as top speed, saying, “Where does the air end?” The bird’s nature- its relationship to air- means it will continue to find air everywhere it flies. There is no “bird” without air everywhere! To think-even unconsciously- that there is some life that is separate from our life is fantasy. When we stop our questioning in the unreal manner, we enter the place where God helps us change what we need to change and simultaneously be in life as it is. This dance of change and acceptance-which makes up the pith of our lives- takes place in the Present Moment.
Jason Shulman The Instruction Manual for Receiving God; page 38-9

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  1. sheri says:

    Beautiful–so well said! Now to ‘grok’ it.
    Missed you this morning!

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