A Dress Rehearsal For Life


With special connections, I had the great privilege to witness the dress rehearsal of LUNGS by Duncan Macmillan, opening tonight at OFF THE WALL Theater in Carnegie.

Lungs is uniquely clever as it tackles the complex theme of having children in these precarious days of pollution driven climate change. With a minimal set, no props, and no breaks, two awkward people (one of them, Sarah Silk) who love and care for each other and fear for the future of their planet, spend a 130 minute conversation deciding whether or not to produce a child.

The dialogue moves at the speed of thought slipping from conversation to conversation as time marches forward. The characters display a salty taste of humor on top of the subtext of their profound fear about the affects of their personal carbon-footprints on the future of our universe. There is an every shifting view between the intimacy and distance of being political correct yet socially engaged. This is the question: How is it possible to have an ordinary daily life when one is constantly bombarded with knowledge that creates fear?

The production is finely calibrated, complex, and in the end mind boggling! OFF THE WALL is both a class act and a great fortune to have as part of our local theater. With this production, there are no disappointments.

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