There were five things on the ballot on November 8th, 2016: the presidency, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court and the character of the country. Progressives lost all five. But the thing that hurts the most is losing on the character of the country – the idea we’re going to be divisive as a country. So we have to start there, and reassert that we want to be an inclusive country where everyone gets treated with dignity and respect. I’ll tell you this: If you believe that “love trumps hate,” you can’t be marching around saying that and looking more hateful than Trump. Van Jones

There aren’t many things I watch on regular television, but like many of you “This Is Us” has captured my attention. Last night, knowing I could watch the concluding episode on demand later in the week, I made the decision to watch Van Jones on CNN. Jones has a vision to move beyond anger and disbelief into a heart-opened Love Army embracing not only the vulnerable Americans targeted by Trump supporters but also the supporters themselves.

I follow Van Jones. I donated money to his vision The Dream Corps. He is the voice of progressive reason. He takes to and listens to everyone. A Yale-trained lawyer from Tennessee, an activist during the late-Nineties in Oakland, President Obama’s former green jobs czar and currently a regular on mainstream media’s CNN.

Last night’s special examined the raw state of our union in the aftermath of Trump’s victory. It had it’s good (Michael Moore) and its bad moments (Rick Santorum). There was nothing earth shattering but I tolerated most of the information and was moved by a discussion about the choices facing a thoroughly educated, highly motivated undocumented American/Mexican woman. But then it happened. The next program came on and there was Trump speaking to a crowd- as obnoxious as ever. I can’t and won’t stand him. I just won’t. I vow to turn him off and not watch or listen to him-not now and not for the next four years. Thank G-d I have podcasts and programs like “This is Us” to help me because it’s going to take some concentrated effort.

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