Another Disastrous Attempt At Divinity


I was walking to my local library when a billboard caught my attention: The Divine Feminine. Looking closely I saw it had something to do with rap music. I did the research. The Divine Feminine, Pittsburgh native, Mac Miller’s fourth album, came out in September and is a long-winded rap about his relationship with love and the female body.

Miller is talking about physical love and the distance between two people. To quote a review: “There’s a very real connective tissue to these ideas of space and intimacy. It’s about contact and togetherness, closing the gap between people; about being in unison and growing apart, and all the stages in between. It peels back and exposes the many layers of love—romantic, schmaltzy, sensual, carnal, wilting. It’s easily his most intoxicating release yet, an odyssey of soulful compositions paring down his expansive and eclectic soundboard from the last few years into something distinctly cozy and pleasant.”

What can I say? Maybe it’s his youth? Maybe it’s his culture? Maybe it’s his sexual orientation? Maybe it’s his lack of depth and understanding? But from my point of view, as a well-seasoned person in the ways of Divinity, it’s sad but true that Mac Miller has totally missed the mark.

Go to Ram Dass here for more understanding.

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