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Putting it together



All quilts are special but this one gets special marks- a memory quilt for me of the littlest pieces of left-overs I simply found to meaningful to throw away.
Among its many remnants in no particular order:
Maryann’s batiks
Hailey’s pants
Eli and Annie’s quilt
Steve’s sweater
Nana’s afghan
A terrible towel
Jim’s grandma’s quilt
Tina’s dedication
pajama pants from EB Pepper
Black Radish’s curtain
favorite lime green capris described in Tent Of Protection
my dress from Annie’s graduation
Wendy’s curtains
log cabin block from the Quilting Path
challah cover from JAF
favorite turtlenecks
art project with Adrienne
Ben’s quilt
remake shirt pieces
Leslie and Michele fabric
Ben’s thermal shirt
Ann’s ethnic fabric
Alex’s bedspread from Tina
favorite old navy sweat pants
fancy shirt from Banana Republic
embroidered shirt from Sea Dog
Chinese pajamas
Panache ikat
quilt piece from PSC
shehekianu fabric made from spoonflower
material from Amy and Evan’s chuppah
backed in especially beautiful quilter’s batiks from Betty’s collection and SilkThread
being sent to Nettie Yoder for hand quilting

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  1. Kathryn Larsen says:

    Love it!!!!

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