Part I: Be Known For What You Allocate, Not What You Accumulate


True wealth, or well-being, can’t be found in a static balance sheet, no matter how large the accumulation of financial assets. Wealth shows up in the action of sharing and giving, allocating and distributing, nourishing and watering projects, people and purpose that we care about with the resources that flow to us and through us.
The Soul Of Money by Lynne Twist

Are you losing your patience with all those year-end requests for contributions? Are you concerned about the amounts you give away- is it too much? Is it enough? Is there more you could do?

According to Jewish tradition, a minimum of 10% of our net earnings are earmarked for tzedakah. Our Hebrew word tzedakah literally means “righteousness.” It’s the right and just thing to do faithfully discharging our responsibility, more than charity, an elective act that goes beyond the call of duty.

If you are concerned about what 10% of net earnings means in Jewish there is a Rabbi who developed a calculator that works with your tax return to help you determine your obligation.

If you’re like me, you will hem and haw as I am doing this very day concerned about making impactful decisions that truly satisfy the tzedakah call.

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