Part II: Rid Children of the More Is Better Myth and Guide Them To An Authentic Relationship With Money


It is our work to replace the scarcity systems that drive the profit-at-all costs mentality to philosophies built on principles and practices of sustainability. One of the most important gifts I give at this time of the year is a contribution to my granddaughters’ 529 educational fund. Tax free for me now and for them in the future as they use it to educate themselves, it is a true gift with a conscious.

Kids Unbranded: Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture from The Center For A New American Dream offers concrete ways to inspire responsible stewardship rather than the accumulation of cash or things with some of these suggestions:

Help your child/grandchild understand that every product is made from materials extracted from the Earth and that material things don’t just disappear when the garbage picks them up.

Teach your children/grandchildren what happens to the accumulation of stuff and how when we consume lots of plastic, heavily packaged goods and products that easily break, we leave a heavy burden for future generations.

Seek out sources of Earth-friendly products that are durable and make from biodegradable or recycled materials.

Be a role model. Avoid impulsive shopping. Limit your consumption of products that deplete the earth.

Introduce your child/grandchild to books and other materials that reinforce these messages.

Share your process of reflection, deliberation, and decision making around money issues and invite your children/grandchildren to contribute their ideas.

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