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Quilt making is easy to learn. There was a time in our history when every family had several quilt makers. Quilts rested on every bed, table and chair. Some were for every day use; others memorialized special occasions and relationships. Women passed their skills onto their children, and experienced quilt makers were considered valuable assets to everyday community life. Those who didn’t create the quilts with their own hands still were knowledgeable about quilting materials and the process. Although industrialization has lured us away from this home-centered activity, it does not eliminate our capacity to learn the craft. Louise Silk, The Quilting Path

I’ve been having a conversation with myself about how best to pass on a life-time of quilt-making skills. Standing at the cutting table the other day, the aha moment came: create an open-studio and invite everyone interested to participate. Back in the 70’s, I honed my quilting knowledge in a young mothers’ weekly quilt meeting we named Quilter’s Triangle. Why not model a new opportunity after the source of my earliest growth and development?

Do you want to quilt?
Are you interested in learning about quilt-making first-hand from a master?
Beginning January 9, 2017 for most Monday nights from 6:00-9:00PM,
I am pleased to invite you to an open studio at my loft.

I am excited to extend this invitation. Come as often as you like. Come alone or bring a friend. Commit to an individual project (or two or three) of your choice and stitch away. Let’s come together to inspire, explore, learn, exchange and have fun!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Yay! Can’t wait!

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