Rosh Hodesh Tevet


This week along with Chanukah we welcome in the tenth month on the Hebrew Calendar-Tevet. Rosh Hodesh, the celebration of that little sliver of the moon barely visible in the sky, is a renewal opportunity for women and men to gather for Jewish learning, spiritual exploration, and life passages celebrations.

This year, along with Chanukah and Rosh Hodesh, our family used the opportunity to celebrate a graduation. Whenever I want to create a unique ritual I use this resource housed in the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. is an inspirational blend of tradition and innovation that encourages all of us: Jews by birth, Jews by choice, friends, and seekers of all kinds to make meaningful moments in time.

Our Rosh Hodesh Prayer:
Thank you for this holy moment of the New Moon. Renew this month with goodness, blessing and joy; with peace, forgiveness and liberation; and with service to self, family and community that we might reach our full potential.

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