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I have a sizable life-time’s worth of want-to-do fiber projects. That’s why I jumped on my deeply rooted desire to make floor cushions when Steve decided to replace his futon mattress.
Step 1: Retrieve an old rejected twin size futon.
Step 2: Use a saw or knife to divide it into 6 even parts being careful not to dislodge the fiber filling. Ask for help with this!
Step 3: Go to Salvation Army on half-price day and buy 12 pair of the biggest jeans you can find. (Look first in men’s and then big women’s.)
Step 4: Deconstruct the jeans removing under leg seams, waistbands, zippers, pockets and hems.
Step 5: Determine finished measurements for top, bottom and sides. Add ½” seam allowances.
Step 6: Piece and cut to size: 12 tops, 12 bottoms and 24 side pieces.
Step 7:Sew these into 6 pillow shapes- right sides together leaving open one edge for stuffing.
Step 8: Insert futon sections into pieced covers. Smooth out stuffing. Another time to ask for help!
Step 9: Use a strong quilting thread to hand sew the open edge.
Step 10: Gift them to your favorite family members who love to use floor seating.

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