We are a collection of citizen volunteers concerned about the unresponsiveness of our government. We represent various ages, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, political orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds. We value inclusive democracy and inspired volunteerism. Be part of the movement to heal Pennsylvania politics! As our marchers approach the State Capitol, a push from supporters across Pennsylvania will show legislators that we ALL stand together for an accountable, transparent and participatory democracy. We want to end bribery, end gerrymandering, and encourage participation through automatic voter registration Learn more about our bills here.

Friday, May 19, 2017 Citizen Civics Day: Visit/Call/Email your state legislators
This is the last day before legislators return to Harrisburg, contact them right where YOU live: visit in person, call, email, tweet, Facebook–the more they hear from you, the more likely this vital legislation is to get called for a vote!

CALL OR EMAIL your legislator’s district office. Identify yourself as a local constituent, tell them you support our three bills, and ask if your rep or senator is willing to cosponsor them. Tell them why having an accountable, honest, representative government is important to you as a nonpartisan issue; tell them that you will be watching for their co-sponsorship and their vote.

TWEET at your legislator (or comment on their Facebook page):
[For State Reps:]
[Rep’s name or Twitter handle], I support the March on Harrisburg. Pls pass HB 39, HB 722 & HB 193 to #endPAcorruption!
[for State Senators:]
[Senator’s name or Twitter handle], I support the March on Harrisburg. Pls pass SB 132, SB 22 & SB 608 to #endPAcorruption!

Not sure who your state reps are? Find out here:

March, visit, call, email. Learn more

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