Stop Self-Blame


1.Guilt is a favorite “food” of the ego and it has no redeeming value.
2.The ego mind attempts to get us to focus on times other than the present. It uses the past to relive and reactivate pain, remorse, guilt and loss…It uses the future to create fear, anxiety and worry.
3.The ego mind offers external solutions to our internal problems. It always temps us to seek satisfaction, fulfillment, or power…from the outside.
4.The ego believes in all upside-down understandings of the world: love is dangerous, forgiveness is giving in, giving is losing, and peace is boring.
5.The ego blames sources for all our discomfort and perceives the power of relief as eternal as well.
6.The ego voice is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. As such, it offers solutions to fear, insecurity, and feelings of being unloved that never work. It always increases increases the problem by deceiving us with a lie.
7.The ego is the inner voice that always speaks first and loudest in response to virtually every situation, bringing more pain each time.
8.The ego thrives on being listened to…When not listened to or believed in, it starves.
9.The ego makes all sickness real and thinks it is of the body instead of the mind.
10.All condemnation and judgement come from the ego.
11.The ego identifies with weakness, littleness…inferior comparisons.
12.The ego pretends to be powerful through arrogance……
13.The ego believes that peace and happiness are things that happen to us if we are lucky and we have little or nothing to do with the “luck”.
14.The ego voice is usually the first voice we hear inside. We need to quiet its chatter… hear the voice of truth, the True Self.
15. The ego is behind any experience of struggle, pressure. judgement, and obsessing to “figure things out”.
16. All worry is from the ego. WE do not really worry about someone or our symptoms- we worry at them. The ego mind confuses worry with love. To worry is to attack and it amplifies the problem.
17. The ego opposes our trust in our identity with our True Self or the Higher Power when it draws us into worry.
18. The ego is identified with the body, which makes us think the body is our whole self and it is ruling, instead of seeing it as being the unconscious mind to be translated.
19. The ego’s motto is “Seek but do not find.”
20. In essence the ego can be said to be simply a fearful thought that creates an existential hell instead of heaven.
Your Power To Heal; Henry Grayson, PhD; pg.59-61

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