How I spent my 67th Birthday

Slime Hands

Slime supplies

I hesitated to report on this, but an article in today’s New York Times convinced me other wise. For a host of reasons, I’m not to good at birthdays, so I was thrilled to find a reason to down-play mine with a visit to help with the grandchildren.

When I arrived, I found them involved in small business endeavors. The older one was making and selling slime; the younger one was opening a lemonade stand. What fun!

One of the things I appreciate about textile arts as opposed to other art mediums and why I have always gravitated to fiber is the simple nature of the materials. It’s not very messy to cut and sew.

If you would have told me, even a month ago, that I would spend my birthday wrist high in slime, I would have laughed and say no way. But then, where grandchildren are concerned, limits will be stretched and the unthinkable becomes reality.

What a great way to prevent the onset of old-age.

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  1. Sheri Sable says:

    Sweet! A wonderful way to celebrate 🎉 your birthday– happy belated birthday Louise!!!

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