Resistant One


The human personality is not a steady, simple thing; it changes from moment to moment. This mutability is disturbing to the homeostasis of the ego.

So we have come this far and have ingested all the truths, and still there is uncertainty and suffering. Why is that? It is because- even as we learn and metabolize the eternal constancies- the one who is searching is the one who is simultaneously resisting this knowledge at every turn. This resistant one is the unhealed ego.

The unhealed ego can never find the real God, the real Self. It is not that this ego is bad in any way. It simply does not know how to look in the right place. It is the wrong too for the job. It’s like using a sewing needle to garden. It just won’t work. But before we can get to the solution, we need to understand the problem: The unhealed ego only feels safe with things that are the way they were. It does not feel safe with the unknown, even if that unknown will be closer to what it wants: the great mystery of life.

So today, simply get to know the problem. Watch how your ego keeps trying to keep you safe by making the next moment into what went before. Get to know the power that confusion holds for you. Get to know- without judgment or condemnation- how much it limits your life.

The Instruction Manual For Receiving God; Page 79; Jason Shulman

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