An Open Letter to the Democratic Leadership in SWPA


An Open Letter to the Democratic Leadership in SWPA – Congressman Mike Doyle; Allegheny County Chair, Nancy Patton Mills; Westmoreland County Chair, Lorraine Petrosky; Greene County Chair, Maddie Loring; Washington County Chair, Linda Andrews – and State Party Chair Marcel Groen:

The 18th District Campaign Coalition, the Joint Midterm Committee of Rise Up Mt. Lebanon and 412 Resistance, and Progress 18 PA (formerly Mondays With Murphy) have been working since January to aggregate the grassroots energy across the four counties in the 18th District in preparation for an all-out effort to put a Democrat in this seat in Congress. Both the presence of a dramatically activated base as well as the circumstances that have precipitated this special election make this race, with the right Democratic candidate, truly winnable.

Though the abrupt resignation of Congressman Tim Murphy has changed both the procedures and the timeframe for this effort, the members of this coalition stand ready to mobilize on behalf of a strong nominee, one who is willing to take a stand on priority issues and inspire the volunteers and voters crucial to this effort.

Specifically, we believe only a nominee who will co-sponsor H.R. 676 (Medicare for All), will robustly support efforts to combat climate change, and will stand up for unabridged reproductive rights, racial justice, humane immigration policy, strong unions, sensible gun legislation, and full civil rights for the LGBTQ community will get the Democrats and Independents to the polls.

Most importantly, we ask that you remain mindful that you and the committee members are acting in this as proxies for the people of this district. It is our hope that we can work together to win the first national-level special election since the debacle of 2016 and set the standard for the 2018 midterms.


Progress 18 PA: 515 members
412 Resistance – 697 members
Peter’s Township Citizens for Democracy: 90 members
Pennsylvania Together: 2,000 members statewide
La Resistance: 512 members
Mt. Lebanon Rise Up: 300 members
Upper St. Clair Progressive Network: 268 members
Democrats for Action, Responsibility, and Truth (DART): 112 members Order of the Phoenix: 7,500 members in SWPA

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