Bursting At The Seams

It’s hard to believe at my age I’m going through a growth spurt, but that’s what feels like, for sure. To name a few of the meaningful projects that abound:
A gift for a mother from her daughter of her mother’s unfinished quilt blocks:
Grandma for Mom

A Memory quilt for a mother and a daughter:

Schmattas for a massage therapist:

A Sleepover bed for a granddaughter:
Baby Molly

10 pillows to remember a colorful grandmother:

A bean bag chair:
Baby Jeans Transformed

A jeans scrap quilt:
Flying Geese Scraps

A graduation present:
Tee-shirt Quilt

The newest piece in my art quilt series:
Mantles cont

It’s time for a break. I think I’ll head for Europe:
Ready for Vacation

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