Directions For The Upcycled Denim Cube

Step One: Gather about 20 pairs of baby jeans.
Lots of Baby Jeans

Step Two: Deconstruct the jeans into 6″ strips.
Six Inch Strips

Step Three: Build 6 blocks starting with a 6″ center and building out to 5 rows across and 5 rows down:
Build The Block

Second Side

One Side

Step Four: For the last row of the 6th side, incorporate the snaps of the inner leg seam from one of the jeans.
Baby Snaps opening

Snaps Sewn In

Step Five: Construct the cube, right sides together.
Making the Cube

Step Six: Open snaps and turn right sides out. Stuff with stuffed animals and pillow inserts.
Baby Jeans Transformed

Step Seven: Relax!

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