My Thanksgiving Retreat allowed me the space and time to summarize the biggist learnings of the year:

1. Self-care. First and foremost one needs to take care of oneself as that is the only way to be free, willing and able to assist others.
2. Boundaries. An important aspect of self-care is, acknowledging, understanding and accepting limits and not overextending in ways that are detrimental to self and others.
3. Emotions. Emotions. Emotions. They are there always- and they need to be brought to the surface and acknowledged.
4. All change comes from within or the only person one can change is ones-self and with that, change of others will follow.
5. Before any thought, comment or action, take a deep centering breath and maybe even two!
6. Blessings and gratitude are the first step of awareness. To truly enact the benefits of this awareness, right action must follow.

One Thought

  1. Kathryn Larsen says:

    Amen…thanks for reminding us and I am thankful that I have you in my life!

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