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One of the biggest problems when deconstructing jeans for SilkDenim projects is what to do with all of the unused zippers? It would be a crime to throw them into the land fill but often it requires more time and energy that it’s worth to make something reusable from them.

Thus the assignment was to combine multiple zippers with left over denim and tee-shirt remnants into an attractive, useful, and innovative bag.

This turned into a very technically sophisticated construction. Each zipper is a closed compartment, one building on the next from the bottom up. Next an interesting raw edge on a back piece of denim that gets a pocket and a waist button and finally a cotton tee-lining. The strap is deconstructed and reconstructed waistbands and then the whole piece challenges the machine (and its operator) with it’s many layers until with great organization, patience and resolve, everything comes into one amazingly brilliant SilkDenim iPad-Plus Carrying Bag.

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