The Whole Program Of Creation Is To Bring Us Back Into Contact With God


Why am I here?
Because you want to be.
What? This life? This suffering? This distance from the REAL?
Yes. Because within you is the eternal program of repair. Do not ever forget that left to your own devices, left to your natural inclinations, your body desires to heal, your mind desires to heal, and your spirit desires to heal. To be broken is the only way to understand wholeness. To be separate is the only way to return to the One. Your whole life is about repair and return. Whether you sit in meditation facing a wall or pray in the sanctuary to God, your soul already knows that all brokenness leads to home, that “brokenness” and “home” arise together, like sun and sky, like river and water. All of creation was made for this purpose. Everything else is commentary on the search for the eternal.

Jason Shulman;The Instruction Manual For Receiving God;Page 29

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