Five Secrets to Lasting Love


The following Languages of Love are our means of communicating and demonstrating our love. Most of us can easily rank one or two of these above the others both to give and receive our love. Which mean the most to you? Which are you going to try to improve?

1. Words of affirmation
Words have meaning. If this is your language hearing I love you and other verbal compliments are what you value the most. On the other side, negative or insulting comments cut deep and won’t be easily forgiven.

2. Quality time
Giving the ones you love your undivided attention and more quality time is what matters on this one. Distractions, postponed dates, or the failure to listen can be especially hurtful to loved ones who value this form of love.

3. Receiving gifts
Don’t mistake tangible gifts for materialism, but as a way to feel cared for, appreciated and loved. People who thrive on this do not deal well with and absence of everyday gestures let alone forgotten or ignored special occasions.

4. Acts of Service
Anything you can do to ease another’s burdens is always appreciated. Lending a hand, taking helpful action without being asked speak a meaningful and thoughtful love. If you’re not willing to show your appreciation by doing a loved one a favor, you’re saying you don’t value them.

5. Physical touch
Nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. Everyday physical connections, hugging, handholding, pats on the back or any type of re-affirming physical contact is feels great not just physically but also emotionally. A favorite of mine is group hugs.

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