Raf Simons AKA Calvin Klein Is Channeling ME!

I’m in an interesting place in my work, having had a singularly productive 2017, looking, wondering, encouraging my creative muse into new uncharted directions. Lots of ideas percolating wanting to see physical expression and then I am attracted to an ad for Calvin Klein on the NYTimes and I am astonished to see the latest CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC FALL 2018 RUNWAY SHOW with so many of my ideas I’m actually floored. If the whole runway show is too much, you can see the looks individually here.

My developing thoughts:

Rethinking those ugly hazard vest that street workers have to wear:

Old Quilts as clothing:

Off-center Patchwork:

Patchwork made into clothing:

The whole experience reminds me of a time in 1997 when I saw the movie “How To Make and American Quilt”. After that one I went on to write my own book about the subject. It will be interesting to see where my reaction to Calvin Klein takes me. More to come……

4 Thoughts

  1. Sarah Silk says:

    Whoa. So true.

  2. Barbara Lebeau says:

    You are always ahead of the curve, Louise.

  3. Phyllis says:

    You are in the LARGER spherot and open to it’s energy. Working at that level, he probably got the creations from YOU!!!! I am happy that you are getting
    variation !!!!

  4. Phyllis says:


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