The Call From Deep Within


There is something larger than self, that we either mangle or make significant. Dante

According to James Hollis these are the stages of our common developmental journey:

1. One is called to the next stage, to a task.
2. The task that each of us is to address is different, the summons to individual personhood.
3. Such tasks pull us out of our comfort zones.
4. In these moments, we risk inflation, as much as intimidation.
5. We are summoned forth redeeming values that has been lost or repudiated through the adaptations of the society. These must be revisited, integrated, lived, in order to bring healing to the earth or trigger the next stage in our personal development toward wholeness.
6. Flight from this restorative task, as well as the honest experience of exile, will bring retribution, neurosis, repressed power and energy.
7. The pathology that arises from any flight from the task is necessary to get out attention.
8. Suffering is the requisite for consciousness and recovery.
9. Homecoming is the goal, but not a geographic home out there or a comforting theology or psychology but a healed relationship with self integrating all parts of the soul and its journey to allow spontaneous generosity in every circumstance.

Failure to incorporate these challenges, tasks, losses into our lives means we have not yet accepted the full package life brings to us. Everything given to us is lost and redeemed by us through more conscious affirmations and actions of values that we continually uphold and serve.

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