Today’s Seder Plate


Many years ago we altered our seder plate to use red beets to represent the blood on the door posts (as opposed to a lamb shank) and orange slices for equality, not to mention the addition water cup of Miriam next to the wine of Elijah.

Those of us old enough remember when we added a fourth matzah for the Soviet Jews who were not free to practice Judaism, olives for peace in the Middle East and an empty picture frame to symbolize China’s suppression of Tibet including its ban on pictures the Dalai Lama.

In addition to all of those, this year’s plate will be that much bigger and fuller with these important additions:

Potato peelings to commemorate Jews who starved during the Holocaust.

Roasted potatoes as a symbol of solidarity with refugees unable to maintain sustainable diets as they flee.

Artichokes as the symbol for interfaith families.

Fair Trade Chocolate or Cocoa Beans as a symbol of forced labor.

The Banana to represent the victims of the Syrian refugee crisis who see these as a luxury in their native, war-torn country.

A Pinecone housing the precious pine nut that is impossible to extract without great effort, representing mass incarceration and the difficult work it will take to repair this injustice.

Cashews to honor our troops stationed in the desert who request salted cashews as the best source of sustenance and hydration in this challenging environment.

A whole Tomato representing workers who deserve to be paid a living wage.

Chag Sameach

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