The Blending Balance of Masculine and Feminine

Boynton Approach

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Boynton Yin and Yang


Sedona is a blending of all things. This can be deeply felt in The Boynton Canyon Vortex, the site of balanced male/female, yin/yang energy.

Historically our public lives have been dominated by the masculine need to survive and thrive in the physical world with the me first (substitute America first) attitude in the areas of finances, politics and technology. With that the feminine care of others was relegated to the private life of home and family. A stronger masculine employs greed, selfishness, and exploitation all with the end to elevate the self. A stronger feminine sits in the spirit of generosity and equality.

It is a tumultuous time in the Boynton Canyon Vortex. Feeling the masculine influences of technology, politics and ethics, we recognize that we are at the moment in our evolution when we need to, more than ever before, incorporate and balance our feminine side strengthening our relationships with intimacy, commitment, honesty and generosity.

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