A Fiberartist Heads To Ireland

My Irish Knitting

We are headed off to Ireland and then London for a family vacation. Looking ahead to figure out what I would like to see I ran into this article on Irish Knitwear Designers You Need To Know. So stimulating for the creative spirit!

I felt immediate love for Claire Ann O’Brien’s contemporary approach. Maybe these are applicable to denim???

On the traditional side loved loved loved the information about Ireland’s Eye. With that their expanded stitch explanation:

Each stitch carries its own unique meaning, a historic legacy from the lives of the Island community many years ago. The Cable Stitch is a depiction of the fisherman’s ropes, and represents a wish for a fruitful day at sea. The Diamond Stitch reflects the small fields of the islands. These diamonds are sometimes filled with Irish moss stitch, depicting the seaweed that was used to fertilise the barren fields and produce a good harvest. Hence the diamond stitch is a wish for success and wealth. The Zig Zag Stitch, a half diamond, is often used in the Aran Sweaters, and popularly represents the twisting cliff paths on the islands. The Tree of Life is one of the original stitches, and is unique to the earliest examples of the Aran knitwear. It again reflects the importance of the clan, and is an expression of a desire for clan unity, with long-lived parents and strong children.

Check out my attempt at the Irish in the photo!

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