Some Observations on Ireland





Irish soda bread, Irish Brown Bread and most Irish breads use buttermilk to rise and are not vegan.

The Irish people are extremely open, friendly, and consistently helpful.

Everything in Ireland is very quant and pretty much un or under developed.

Irish People drive very fast even on very narrow roads.

Everything is perfect , always.

There hasn’t been a heat wave like we saw this past week since ’76.

Potato leek soup is the most readily available soup everywhere in Ireland.

The reason the color of Ireland is grass green is because it can be seen everything in and about the country.

The countryside was formed from the movement of tectonic plates.

In the countryside the preferred language is Gaelic.

The Guinness Beer Factory may be touristy but it is worth the visit just to learn how to get the full flavor when drinking beer.

Ireland is a mystical place with vortexes, fairies and lots of superstitions.

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  1. Kathryn Larsen says:

    One of the places in my life time that I love and where I fel at home!

  2. Sarah Silk says:

    picture turned out sooo good!

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