The Law of Unintended Consequences



Yesterday, I heard someone mention The Law of Unintended Consequences and wondered about it.

It is a form of innocent evil: people enacting with moral intentions that instead yield immoral consequences.

Nothing has just one cause. Causes fan out in all directions over time. Reasons and causes are never singular. Seek and find multiple causes, reasons or motives. It’s like playing piano with oven mitts; it’s impossible to hit only one key so don’t try.

The universe is inherently unpredictable. Nobody is perfect. The insignificant may prove significant. Small differences may make big differences. Each and every choice has an unforeseen rippling.

Without exception, the universal motivation externalizes negatives and internalizes positives. Each choice comes with regrets that inspire awareness and learning. Remember the serenity prayer and stay true to the path.

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