Letting Go Of Defense


When we have no territory to defend, God rushes in to where God always was. This is a paradox we understand only as we embrace life fully.

Today, as you go through your usual routine, you will make the choice to defend or let go perhaps ten or twenty times. How can you choose to let go without giving up your own integrity? How can you stand up for yourself and still remain open to all possibilities?

The answer is impossible to describe, but the method is clear and easy. Each time you feel as if you need to defend yourself- whether in a conversation with a friend or while making your way through a crowd or by claiming your own place in line- if you feel you are defending something that is not articulated, that is not named actually name it. Say to yourself: I am defending MY place in line; MY idea of what should be; MY choice. When you actually name it, you will be able to let it go more easily. This letting go does not mean you give up your rightful place in either the line or the discussion. It simply mean you are not defending your own existence.

See what that is like today. Perhaps you could choose to do this on every Tuesday or some other specific day? It will become your own, private holy day.

Jason Shulman; The Instruction Manual for Receiving God; page 64

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