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Zen Rocks

Whether you hike the entire route or just the last stretch — or even if you’re just there to vicariously enjoy the thrill of the latest in a thousand years of pilgrims finishing the Camino de Santiago — it’s an experience that will stay with you forever. Rick Steves

If all goes according to the plan I initiated yesterday, in 34 weeks by my 69th birthday, I will be totally prepared to confidently walk the last 71 miles of Camino de Santiago.

You may rightly question why a nice Jewish Bubbe like me would choose to follow The Way of St. James??? But Rick Steves tells all, it’s the opportunity of a life time- a way to embark on a spiritual journey and as any wise Bubbe would retort: What could it hurt???

My daughter worked out a weekly training plan:
– A long hike day working from 4 miles (which I successfully completed yesterday) up to 11 miles a day
– 2 short fast hike days from 1-2 miles (which I successfully completed today in the rain)
– 2 mid-length hike days from 3-6 miles
– 2 rest days

3 Thoughts

  1. Louise Ketchum says:

    Amazing, Louise!

    I know several people who have done this over the last few years. If you’d like to connect with them for any pre-walk wisdom please let me know.

    Louise K.

  2. Barbara Lebeau says:

    You are inspirational, Bubbe=la!

  3. Barbara Lebeau says:

    That was a typo. I meant Bubbe-la, and you’re still inspirational, Ms. Louise, by any name you use.

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