This weekend working in the studio, not wanting to hear any more politics, I turned to my favorite spiritual advice from Sounds True: Insights From The Edge. Each and every one of these was the encouraging affirmation, perfect for your listening pleasure.

Robert Augustus Masters talks about The Depthless Depth of Shadow Work. Our shadow is whatever in us we are keeping out of sight, that we can’t/ won’t face about ourselves. To truly evolve, we need to know our shadow; to discover and make wise use of what lies hidden or otherwise neglected within us. His work helps discover and cultivate intimacy and healing from our core shadow wounds. WOW!

Ronald Siegel in The Psychophysiological Component in Healing explains the ways that stress and other psychophysiological components can instigate everything from insomnia to irritable bowel syndrome. He encourages frank conversations around chronic pain, as well as making friends with negative emotions like fear and anxiety to cope with life’s inevitable hurdles. His work is totally consistent to what I have learned in my myofascial release work.

Miranda Macpherson in The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation guides the spirit to surrender into nondual realization based on the practice of welcoming all of our experiences and responding our unique compassion and wisdom. Ego relaxation allows us to stop beating ourselves into spiritual shape and yields instead to an unshakable loving presence within. Loved the concept of ego relaxation!

Kristin Neff in The Liberating Power of Self-Compassion helps us let go of our constant, debilitating self-judgment to heal past wounds of shame, insecurity, and not being good enough. In addition to listening to the podcast try some of her helpful self-companion exercisesPrologue.

Van Jones speaks about Breaking Out of Our Resistance Bubble offers a blueprint for transforming our collective anxiety into meaningful change regardless of party or politics. Jones aims for a deeper patriotism that is the vital business of solving our toughest problems without accusations and abandonment. I was impressed with him right after the election but lost track. It is encouraging to see he’s still at solving our current political dilemmas.

And finally, Mary O’Malley’s What’s in the Way Is the Way encouraging us to being with the way things actually are, rather than continually struggling to make the life we think we should have. She has the most well explained and justified explanation of how our true healing can and will occur in the miraculous, incandescent present moment. I’m onto her book!

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