Bubbe’s Lady of the Lake 2018

Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake detail

Lady of the Lake detail2

Lady of the Lake Detail

Panche Silk Robe Tie
Sarah’s Molas
Sadye’s Lingerie Bag
Heath’s Buddah Wheel
Japanese Kimono Fabric
Indigo Dress Hem from Victoria,BC
Riding Pants
J.Jill Dressy Skirt
Max Studio Dress from Annie’s Graduation
E.B.Pepper PJ Pants Suit in a Bag
Leftover Kilim
Howie’s Tux Remnants
Jo’s Handwoven Remnants
Heath’s Corduroy Shirt
Hand Embroidered Wool Kashmiri Shawl from Tsultrim Allione Workshop
Christmas, Buddha Day, Valentine, Kawanza from 1994 Calendar
SilkDenim’s Hand Stitched Corduroy Shirt
Eli’s Favorite Summer Shirt
Sadye’s Cross Stitch
Canadian Winter Hat
Hospital Socks
Several Favorite CP Shades Shirts
Nicole Miller Pittsburgh Tie
Leftovers Presbyterian Senior Care Quilts
Florida Brocade Skirt
Arab Dress Embroidery
J. Jill Waffle Turtle Neck
Antique Quilt Remnants
Marcy Gottlieb Curtain
Ikat Remnants
Alexander Henry Butterfly Fabric
Velour Robe
Hemp Dress
Most Favorite Original Old Navy Black Yoga Pants
Gerry Kay’s Shawl
Anthropologie Black Corduroy Suit
Eileen Fisher Suit for Paris Trip
Gutcheon White on White Quilt Fabric
Striped Long Sleeveless Button Down Dress
Remnants from 4-Patch Table Cloth

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