Ecstasy Is Chosen

Life is a Verb

Choose it: right now! What happened? Did a flash of lightning knock you off the sofa? Did the TV go on by itself? Did God call on the telephone to tell you that you are good?

Chances are that nothing happened at all. Nothing that is, to our three-dimensional consciousness, which sees only what it can touch in some manner. When we consciously choose ecstasy, all of the angels in heaven are awakened at once to help us, to care for us on our journey.But we must remember: Ecstasy is not simply happiness, happiness that is the opposite of unhappiness. Ecstasy is the condition that arises when both happiness and unhappiness are seen to have common origin. When that happens, we no longer seek the shallow happiness of light, because we know that the happiness that includes light and darkness can never be taken away.

It is the choice of this form of ecstasy that stirs the angels. It is a law of the universe that you receive help with his type of request. Request. Choosing. They are the same thing. DO it now and then let go. The rest is up to God.

The Instruction Manual For Receiving God; Jason Shulman; page 61.

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  1. sheri says:

    Wow! Very, very deep yet doable. Thank you Louise!

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