Another Ending Equals Another Beginning

Alternate 4-Patch detail

Alternate 4-Patch

Alternate 9 Patch Detail

Alternate 9 Patch

In the fall, I joined the teaching network of SkillShare and created the first four of a series of SkillShare Classes, one of them covered how to make a basic traditional quilt top.

The samples I created for that class went on to become 4 different quilts. Two of them I turned into new tablecloths for family dinners and the others I sent to my reliable Amish quilter, Netty, to be made into a queen and throw size quilt. They all turned out beautifully- there is nothing like a traditional four-patch made with elegant quality quilting materials.

Here’s the big news: I am done making traditional patchwork quilts for my personal consumption. I have reached my limit.

I continue to make quilts- I’m not close to the end of that but acknowledging that I am finally and irrevocably limiting my traditional repertoire translates to a damn exciting mature phase of my career. Exciting!

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  1. Steve says:

    1. Are these quilts for sale? do you have others for sale?
    2. Looking forward to see how you evolve in this phase of your artistry.

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