Honey In The Rock


This life may be a mystery, but it is a mystery of love. We simply need to know how to surrender to whatever God gives us, like mana, each day.

One day I realized that something that had always plagued me in meditation was my own voice speaking to me from the far reaches of my childhood, sending me a message from past times in the only way it knew how. Even though I had thought it was a negative voice, I realized it was not speaking doom or sending out a challenge: It was offering an opportunity to heal a split that kept me from some of the most precious aspects of life. On that day, I discovered that this voice that afflicted me was actually a great friend.

We nay never completely understand the fullest extent of God’s love and how it manifests in unexpected ways, sometimes within difficult circumstances or impossible situations. But we can make a start by acting as if we understand, by changing our behavior.

Do This Each day pick one small difficulty and hold it gently, with the understanding that something inside this difficulty is precious. Don’t demand that God show you the ultimate meaning of this difficulty, but take it on faith : There is honey in the rock.

The Instruction Manual for Receiving God: Jason Shulman; page 106

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