Some Resources for 2019 Seder


I am hard at work on this year’s Seder and found lots of great resources I want to pass along:

NEXT YEAR IN A JUST WORLD AJWS’s Global Justice Haggadah

The Indivisible Haggadah by Invisible Nation BK

THE FOUR CUPS OF WINE: Awakening, Solidarity, Action, Freedom by American Jewish World Service

5 Haggadahs and other Passover supplements to modernize your seder this year by the Jewish Telegraph Agency

the always invigorating The Maccabeats singing Dayenu.

New Freedom Seder for the Earth by the Shalom Center

And if you are not sure that you need to adjust your Haggadah to the times read this article in the Forward: Why You’ll Need a New Haggadah For Trump’s America.

La-shanah Ha-baah shalom: Next Year peace and the end of suffering

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